Workout Embassy is an organization who focuses in activities surrounding sports, health and fitness where a significant portion of our earnings are utilized towards our social activities.

Our logo is a shape that was inpired by Poseidon's Trident, The ultimate weapon with the power to protect and control the Ocean.
As a very powerful instrument, Trident can be used to bring blessings or disasters, depending on who holds it.
With the trident embedded in our logo, Workout Embassy aspires to posses the power to move the oceans to be used to deliver positive changes to our society. With everything that WE do, WE strive to keep perfecting our strength to serve.

As our solution to the health and fitness problems in Jakarta, WE routinely provide three FREE physical training sessions to everyone; using calisthenics training method.

What started on the streets of Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta, this project has gradually grown and has allowed us to deliver a whole calisthenics park at Gate 7 of Gelora Bung Karno.

Further, Our training locations has now moved to the F3 Atrium of FX Sudirman and the 9th Floor Balcony of Plaza semanggi; Where WE consistently provide FREE access to health and fitness to everyone with all the comfort and safety of prime Shopping Centres in Jakarta.

As our solution to the environmental problems in Jakarta, WE have routinely organized garbage pickup activities where our members hit the streets and pick up garbages during the Car Free Day hours in Jakarta.

As our solution the social problems in Jakarta, WE have routinely organized fundraising activities at the end of our training classes, where our trainers would exchange every IDR 1000 donation from our members with 1 pushup.

At the end of each month, WE would channel all funds raised to selected charities in the forms of goods.

As an extension of our physical training classes, this program is a program designed to introduce active lifestyle to the highschool students in jakarta through a calisthenics extracurricular activity.

Right now, this program can be found at SMAN 6 Mahakam, under the name STREET WORKOUT MAHAKAM.

As an extension of our physical training classes, this program is a program designed to fullfil employees lack of movement and healthy activities.

And helps the bond and teamwork grow stronger.

As a part of our purpose to continously serve communities. We sell official merchandise, and all will come back to society.